Annual Meeting Reviews

Infusions 101: Ketamine and Lidocaine

By James J. Mooney, MD
Medical Director, Pain Service
Children's Healthcare of Atlanta
Emory Healthcare
Department of Anesthesiology
Emory University School of Medicine
Atlanta, Georgia

The second presentation was 'Infusions 101: Ketamine and Lidocaine' by Dr. Kristen O. Spisak. Dr. Spisak provided not only a thorough review of ketamine and lidocaine infusions, but also internet Kats and Llamas, providing some welcome levity to the day.

Beginning with ketamine pharmacology, Dr. Spisak reviewed the pharmacodynamics and indications for ketamine in both acute and chronic pain settings. After a review of the contraindications of ketamine, Dr. Spisak provided dosing guidelines for non-critical care settings, followed by a brief review of the literature showing significant reductions in pain scores and opioid consumption in the inpatient setting. Dr. Spisak closed the ketamine portion with a review of the side effects associated with ketamine infusions.

Continuing on with lidocaine infusions, Dr. Spisak reviewed the pharmacology and indications of lidocaine infusions in acute and chronic pain, as well as reviewing a study comparing lidocaine infusions to epidurals after major large bowel surgery. Dr. Spisak then followed with the indications, contraindications and dosing of lidocaine infusions.

The closing portion of the discussion was coverage of the program at Dayton Children’s, including the staffing requirements and protocol for the use of lidocaine infusions. These are common questions from anyone looking to begin their own infusion program.

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