Award Winning Abstracts From the 5th Annual Meeting

Poster Winners

L-R: Cornelius B. Groenewald, MD; Terri D. Voepel-Lewis, PhD, RN; Petra Meier-Haran, MD, DEAA; Heather Goodly, MD

Population Pharmacokinetics of Intraperitoneal Bupivacaine Using Atomization versus Nebulization and Opioid Requirements in Young Children
Petra M. Meier, MD, DEAA; Luis Pereira, PhD; David Zurakowski, MS, PhD; Constance S. Houck, MD, MPH

Associations Between Opioid Prescribing Patterns and Opioid Overdose Among Adolescents in the USA
Cornelius B. Groenewald, MB,ChB and William C. Van Cleve, MD, MPH

A High Baseline Psycho-Somatic Symptom Profile Predicts Persistent Pain at One Year following Spine Fusion in Children
Sejal K. Virani, MD; Shobha Malviya, MD; Alan R. Tait, PhD; Michelle S. Caird, MD; Frances A. Farley, MD; Gertrude Ying Li, MD; Monica Weber, BSN; Terri Voepel-Lewis, PhD, RN