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It's an Election Year...for SPPM!

Dr. Kost-ByerlyBy Sabine Kost-Byerly, MD
The Johns Hopkins Hospital
Baltimore, MD

After our very successful Annual Meeting I hope that all of you made it back home safely and in May were finally able to enjoy sunshine without keeping an eye out for more snow. We definitely lucked out in Colorado Springs, pulling off a meeting wedged between two snowstorms.  In addition to enjoying the educational offerings, I was particularly encouraged by enthusiastic member participation in the three SPPM committee meetings: communication, education and research.  Active engagement in committees allows members to influence the Society’s activities in education and advocacy.  Consistent engagement and delivery on committee projects assignments is the most assured way to be recognized and to become an SPPM Board member.

As if you hadn’t noticed, 2016 is an election year!   An SPPM Board election year!

When we reviewed our election cycle at the last Board meeting we noticed that, while it was consistent with the SPA cycle, it made little sense for our Society. Our Annual Meeting, the only meeting we have, is in the spring! Why do we stick with an election cycle providing results by October?  Wouldn’t it be better to actually introduce the new Executive Committee and the Directors-at-Large to SPPM members at the Annual Meeting?  After a unanimous decision by the Board and an acknowledgement that the Bylaws will need to reflect this change, the nominations process will be as follows:

The electronic call for nominations will go out in August, with a September 15 deadline. Members can self-nominate or recommend others. The Nominations Committee will review and recommend a slate of candidates to the SPPM Board at the October Board meeting.  November is election month - easy to remember!  Cast your vote in November – we even give you a grace period into December. Members will receive electronic notification and will be asked to select their preferred Executive Committee member and Directors-at-Large before the end of the year.  The results of the election will be available in early January, allowing the newly elected Board members sufficient time to make arrangements to attend the Annual Meeting and the Board meeting in Austin, Texas.  

Can’t wait to see you all there!

Sabine Kost-Byerly, MD
[email protected]

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