ASA Scientific Presentations

Erector Spinae Plane Catheters for Pain Management of Rib Cartilage Harvesting for Stage 1 Microtia Reconstruction: A Retrospective Study
Carole Lin, MD and Curtis Darling, MD

Preemptive Opioid Sparing Medication Protocol Decreases Pain and Length of Hospital Stay in Children Undergoing Posterior Spinal Instrumented Fusion for Scoliosis
Selina Poon, MD, De-An Zhang, MD, Frederic Bushnell, MD, Ronen Sever, MD, Ji-Ming Yuen, MD, Robert Cho, MD

Opioid Stewardship
De-An Zhang, MD, Eric McCoy, MD, Cynthia Nguyen, MD, Robert Cho, MD, Selina Poon, MD

Long Term Psychological Outcomes Following Nuss Procedure
Kristen Uhl, PhD, Wallis T. Muhly, MD, Henry Huang, MD, Robert Wilder, MD, PhD, Joseph Cravero, MD

The Role of Morphine in the Pharmacologic Management of Neonatal Opioid Withdrawal Syndrome: A Systematic Review & Meta-analysis
Jennifer J. Lee, MD, Jerri Chen, MD, PhD, Lena S. Sun, MD

Creation of a Standard Opioid Prescribing Schedule for Pediatric Urology Procedures
Marley B. Lawrence, MD, Peggy P. McNaull, MD, Brooke A. Chidgey, MD, Brandon G. Hammond, MD, Brandon Garren, MD, Sherry S. Ross, MD, Nathan Woody, CSSBB, Karene Ricketts, MD

Cosyntropin for Use in Treatment of Post-Dural Puncture Headaches in Pediatric Patients
Priscilla J. Garcia, MD, Angela Medellin, Brady Moffett, Shireen Hayatghaibi, Kim P. Nguyen, MD

Long-term opioid use after orthopedic surgery among children in an Accountable Care Organization
Emmanuel Alalade, MD, Timothy P. Smith, MD, Dmitry Tumin, PhD, Rebecca Miller, BS, Giorgio Veneziano, MD, David P. Martin, MD, Joseph D. Tobias, MD, Tarun Bhalla, MD, MBA

Efficacy of Intraoperative Dexmedetomidine in Decreasing Morphine Consumption After Scoliosis Surgery in Children
Silky Wong, MBBS, Thomas Engelhardt, MD, Christian Zaarour, MD, Igor Luginbuehl, MD, Jacqueline Hanley, MN, Cengiz Karsli, MD

Pain and Opioid Related Concerns in Schools
Elika Salimi, BS, Rakhi Dayal, MD

A Single Center Experience Using Liposomal Bupivacaine in Pediatric Patients Having Non-Cardiac Surgery
Logan D. Glosser, BA, Michael Walters, MD, Barak Cohen, MD, MHA, Nadav Schacham, MD, Sanchit Ahuja, MD, Eva Rivas Ferreira, MD, PhD, Remie Saab, MD, Surendrasingh Chhabada, MD, Alparslan Turan, MD

Use of Continuous Regional Anesthesia to Facilitate Aggressive Inpatient Rehab in Children with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
Youstina Sawires, MD, Chris Glover, MD, Nihar Patel, MD

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